Which Teams In The Premier League Have The Highest Scoring Games?


Football is a great sport with many variables, making it one of the most highly bet on sports in the UK.

Despite not being able to 100% predict the outcome of a game, fans with a thorough understanding of the teams they back are in with a good chance.

There are elite and underdog teams within the EPL that have walked away from games with an incredible score count.

The current record for the highest goal count in a single Premier League game, since the 1992 relaunch, goes to Manchester United with 9. Throughout this article, we will look at the teams in the Premier League with the highest-scoring games.  

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s squad over at the Etihad Stadium are crushing the 2021/22 Premier League with an impressive 57 points from 23 games. With pressing power like that, there’s no surprise that Man City are among the top teams with the highest-scoring games. They recently went out against a weakened Leeds United and thrashed them 7-0; the goal-scoring ability doesn’t stop there. If you cast your minds back to 21st September 2019, when Man City went out against Watford, you will recall a dominating 8-0 win. If you’re going to bet on both teams to score, you should bet on a game excluding Manchester City. 

Manchester United

Despite having a disappointing season so far, Manchester United have managed to climb their way back to within the top five of the 2021/22 Premier League. No matter what the embarrassing defeats they’ve suffered during the current season, there’s no denying that the Red Devils hold one of the highest-scoring games in the Premier League. Even going back to the 2020/21 Premier League, they were able to wipe the floor with Southampton when they defeated them 9-0. 


UEFA 2021 champions Chelsea are currently 10 points behind Manchester City in the EPL. Despite a solid start to the 2021/22 season, Thomas Tuchel’s team faced an injury surge in November 2021 that saw them without key players. Unfortunately, this has led to a loss of winning momentum. That being said, they are capable of bringing the thunder. In October 2021, Chelsea met Norwich City and beat them down 7-0. Before this, back in 2012, Chelsea scored 8 goals against Aston Villa. 

Tottenham Hotspurs

Currently sitting 7th on the Premier League table, Tottenham Hotspurs are capable of producing impressive goal counts when they put their mind to it. Currently managed by Antonio Conte, with Harry Kane taking the captaincy, the Spurs highest goal count of the season is a disappointing 3. However, if we cast the net further back, you will see the Spurs walking away from a match against Wigan Athletic on 22nd November 2009 with an impressive 9-1 goal count. This game puts them on par with Manchester United when it comes to the team with the highest goal-scoring games within the Premier League. 

Middlesbrough FC

If you follow the Premier League, you will know that Middlesbrough was relegated following the 2016/17 season. With this in mind, you may be asking why we’ve included them in our list of top Premier League teams with high score counts. If you look back to May 11, 2008, you will read about a story of the underdogs coming out on top. When Boro clashed against EPL titans Manchester City, they walked away with an impressive 8-1 score, which placed them within the top 6. 

Leicester City

Leicester City is always an underdog that keeps elite teams on their toes. Currently, they hold the 10th position in the 2021/22 Premier League. Despite not holding any mention-worthy scoring games in the current season, they have an incredible game under their belt. During the 2019 season, Southampton walked away bowing their heads when they lost 9-0 to Leicester City. This game puts them in a tie for joint-first in the list of teams with the highest-scoring games in the Premier League. 

Football is the most bet on games in the UK because of its high volatility. Thanks to the high variable count, underdog teams, including Boro and Leicester, stand among elite teams such as Chelsea and City when it comes to high goal-scoring games.