Which Are the Most Popular Casino Games in Ireland?


Gambling is as popular in Ireland as it is anywhere else. In fact, The Irish Post report that the Irish are the third highest spenders per capita on gambling, trailing only behind Australia and Singapore. In fact, Irish gamblers prefer online gambling more than any other nation, and the past year or so has only intensified the country’s digital-first preference, as brick-and-mortar institutions have been forced to close.

But what are the most popular casino games in Ireland? That’s the question that this article aims to answer.

Online casino games – why so popular?

Online gambling is big in Ireland, and only looks set to continue growing as an industry. The statistics show that 5.7% of 25-34 year olds gamble frequently online, followed by 4.8% of 18-24 year olds. Given the relative youth of these sectors of the population, and the fact that the offering of online casino games is improving, we can be sure that online gambling in Ireland is here to stay. 

There’s a reason for this growth in popularity. Online gambling sites have become safer, more secure, and more reliable, offering more games to choose from and lucrative welcome promotions and benefits. Improved software and technology have improved customer service and attracted more individuals through the provision of live-streamed casino games and even the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). 

The revolution of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have also attracted more Irish to the industry, with individuals getting involved in services like a mobile bitcoin casino, which offers lucrative rewards, freebies and promotions, as well as a safer, more secure way of gambling.

The top casino games in Ireland

Live casino games

As greater swathes of the population have turned to online gambling, the industry has had to revolutionize to keep up to date with the demands of a more digitally native audience. 

As a result, the industry has improved its offerings. Casino games are now live streamed, so that gamblers can experience the excitement and adrenaline of ‘real life’ events from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology allow individuals to get involved as if they were there, making the most of live dealer events and taking the experience to the next level.

What’s more, as improvements continue in technologies such as virtual reality, the offerings of live casino games are only going to get more exciting.


Irish gamblers enjoy the excitement and innovations of live casino games, but they’re still making the most of traditional games such as blackjack, which remains a firm favourite in the country. That said, blackjack is also offered online, and players make the most of both digital and in-person events.


Slots are so popular in Ireland as they offer something for newbies and old hands. For those first experimenting with the industry, they allow people to develop their skills and get a sense of the rush that comes with success. That said, fruit machines, jackpot slots, and others still offer seasoned gamblers the chance to enjoy gaming.


Another classic, roulette is popular amongst Irish gamblers. It’s straightforward and easy to follow, but still offers excitement thanks to the many bets offered by institutions looking to pull gamers in.