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What You Should Know About the Popular Casino Bonuses

All online casinos offer amazing and eye-watering bonuses. The biggest challenge that players face is choosing the best online casino bonus from the ocean of options. Here you find a list of the best casino bonuses for you.

What is a Casino Bonus?

From a player point of view, a casino bonus is that juicy offered by online casinos that sounds too good to be true. From a casino point of view, a casino bonus is an online promotion used to incentivize existing players to make more deposits and attract new players. Casino Bonus has different types; it includes free spins, cash, free rounds, etc. Now that you know what a casino bonus is, the next question is, ‘How do you claim a casino bonus.’

Claiming a casino bonus is easy. All you have to do is read the bonus rules, sign up (if you have not already done so) and activate the bonus. Once you activate the bonus, enjoy playing your favourite games with more playing value than you would have I you opted against using a casino bonus.

What to Look Out for in a Casino Bonus?

Casino Bonus comes with its requirements, which you must meet to withdraw any winnings made from it successfully. The mistake many players are ignoring the requirements and only looking at the mouth-watering bonus on offer. Casinos are not that generous; no bonus comes for free. Even the no deposit bonus still requires you to pass some requirements. The best trick here to navigate this tricky situation is to pick the ones whose requirements are reasonable and fair. Before you activate any casino bonus, check the requirement. It is worth noting that these requirements reduce players’ chances of winning. The bonus offer may make you feel good, and like you have hit a bargain, the requirement makes it difficult to win easily. Here are some of the critical things to look out for before activating an online casino bonus.

1. Wagering Requirement

You will always find wagering requirements in every online casino bonus offer. A wagering requirement refers to how many times you are mandated to play the bonus amount before you can claim any withdrawals from winnings involving the use of the bonus sum. When searching for a casino bonus, the standard rule is to look for one that has fewer wagering requirements. Mathematically, a lower wagering requirement will increase your chances of winning, while a higher wagering requirement will reduce your winning chances.

A casino bonus with a high wagering requirement makes taking home any winnings difficult. While getting enticed by the mammoth bonus offer, remember that it is not helpful for you if the wagering requirement is on the high side. For example, X Casino offers a 100% bonus up to $500 on the first deposit, and it has a wagering requirement of 25x. If you deposit $100, you get an extra $100, making your bankroll $200. To fulfil the wagering requirement, you have to bet a minimum sum of $200 twenty-five times. Only then can you withdraw any wings you incur during the period.

2. Expiration Date

Online casino bonuses are time-bound and do not last forever. Many players do not even know that the expiration dates on their bonuses and get surprised when suddenly they find out that the bonus is no longer reflecting in their accounts. Before picking a casino bonus, read the terms and conditions to find out if it has an expiry date attached to it.

3. Specific Casino Games Limitation

Online casino games have different volatility levels. Most casinos, especially on their welcome bonus, limit the casino games to which the bonus can be used. You will not find these games on the online advertisement the casino uses to draw your attention. You will instead find it by going through its terms and conditions. It is where all the bubble bursting and excitement killing terms and conditions are located. Reading the terms and conditions is tedious and may appear a waste of time, but honestly, it is not.

4. Minimum Withdrawal Requirement and Maximum Winning Cap

Online casino bonuses usually have a minimum withdrawal requirement, below which you cannot withdraw. You can find this information in the terms and conditions. Checking out for it will save the frustrations of wanting to withdraw your bonus winnings, only to find out you cannot because the sum is below the minimum withdrawal requirement. There is also a maximum winning cap; you cannot surpass this amount as winnings.


A good casino bonus has reasonable requirements. It may have some or all the requirements listed above. Note that it is also positive to enjoy your favourite casino games without signing up for any bonus.

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I'm a Galway Native from Salthill. Graduated from NUIG in English in 1992 . Love local bia, pionta, craic agus céol go leor.
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