Gamban vs. NetNanny: Comparison


Over the years, online gambling has only seen a rise among the young and the old on the Internet. The gambling activities on the Internet can be quite thrilling and entertaining as it combines gaming with gambling.

The eagerness to level up in the game and earn money incites excitement, especially among the young people on the Internet.

This is where the need for secure, safe, and responsible gambling comes into the picture.

Responsible Gaming is a set of policies set by the rulemaking bodies in the gambling industry. Online gambling platforms undertake these policies as a part of their social responsibility initiatives prescribed under the regulatory body they are affiliated to.

Responsible Gambling is used to create awareness against severe threats in the gambling industry. Some of these are:

  • Gambling addiction
  • Fraudulent behavior and online scams
  • Underage gambling
  • Fair gaming policies
  • Information privacy
  • Ethical marketing of online casinos
  • Secure and safe gambling environments

Gamstop is one scheme that works successfully to promote Responsible Gambling and ensure players can self-exclude themselves from the online betting sites. However, there are more such measures, such as Gamban and Net Nanny, which work similarly to Gamstop. We will discuss the two and the differences between them in this article. 

What is Gamban?

Gamban is an application for computers and portable devices that blocks out all gambling websites to offer a strict restriction from all such wagering opportunities. Players who wish to keep themselves away from gambling websites can install this application on their devices. This downloadable application works on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones to adapt well to each environment and provide protection from online wagering.

Once you opt for the restrictions on Gamban, it will block your device out from all gambling sites online. This includes online casino websites, sports betting sites, eSports websites, as well as for cryptocurrencies. However, there are several reputable betting sites not blocked by Gamban affiliated, operating under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Curacao Commission, Government of Gibraltar which offer a range of games from leading providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and others. These sites are credible, transparent and offer great promotional offers.

Gamban offers a free seven-day trial, which lets players decide whether this the right option for them when it comes to self-exclusion schemes. Gamban is safe to use as it respects one’s information privacy, which means the applications will not store any data, and neither will it access any.

What is Net Nanny?

Talking about self-exclusion systems, Net Nanny is a software that allows control of a second person’s Internet activity. The software is primarily targeted towards parents so that they can control the content their children consume online. Apart from filtering out explicit content, Net Nanny is also famous for creating customized black-lists for websites, allowing safe searching options, tracking search engine usage, limiting daily Internet consumption, and blocking applications on devices.

Even though the primary objective of this content control software is to establish healthy boundaries for children online, it can also be used by gamblers to self-exclude themselves from gambling websites. Alternatively, one can also restrict another person’s gambling activities online. This proves as an efficient way to cut down on wagering activities in a specialized way of content restriction.

Net Nanny has a Family Feed feature wherein the software sends reports of online searches, transparency regarding usage of applications, and real-time alerts of risk-related content. Net Nanny is not free as it comes at the cost of $40 per year.

Gamban vs. Net Nanny

The differences between Gamban and Net Nanny are not too many, but the only ones are very specific. Gamban is an application that is exclusively used for gambling websites. It blocks out all online casino platforms, but there is always a way to access the websites through a device that does not have the application installed. However, the same applies to Net Nanny too.

There may be a few problems regarding requirements on some devices, but overall, Gamban is an excellent solution as it not only blocks websites but, in certain cases, also blocks out payment methods online.

Net Nanny, on the other hand, provides a great way to supervise someone who suffers from the woes of gambling addiction. It can not only block out gambling websites but also restricts the amount of time one spends online. Net Nanny sends reports to a second person who opts to take responsibility for the software. However, one disadvantage is that setting up Net Nanny can be quite tedious due to the number of steps required at first.

Coming to the subscription plan, Gamban is less expensive compared to Net Nanny. 

Concluding Thoughts

Even though options like Gamban, Net Nanny, and Gamstop work effectively to set up restrictions for players online, there are sites that do not adhere to the Responsible Gambling schemes, thereby allowing players despite their bans. Make sure to look for gambling pages with proxy websites that bypass the self-exclusion software.