Galway at Night: Where to Go

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Located in the Connacht Province, Galway is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. Commonly called “Ireland’s Cultural Heart,” the city has a long, storied, and rich history relating to literature, film, theater, art, and music, both popular and traditional. 

The city organizes several important cultural events and festivals. Most popular among them are the Galway Film Fleadh and the Galway Arts Festival. They also host literary festivals, such as the International Festival of Literature. 

During the day, locals and tourists alike can visit the Galway City Museum, the Dunguaire Castle, and the bustling Galway Market. However, does Galway offer the same kind of excitement once the sun goes down? In this article, we look at popular tourist destinations for Galway, after dark. 

Caesar’s Palace

The Caesar’s Palace casino chain is one of the most popular and recognizable gambling chains in the world. And Galway is home to a very popular, and oft-visited Caesar’s Palace. Many people in 2023 prefer to visit a casino online, as they can get the exact same games without having to leave their home. However, sometimes a face-to-face experience hits the spot just right.

Caesar’s Palace offers an excellent selection of slots and video poker games. So, for anyone who wishes to test their luck against that of the Irish, visiting this casino is a must. And if slot games are not your thing, fear not. Caesar’s Palace also offers poker matches, bingo rooms, blackjack tables, and more. The casino is an excellent spot for any gambling fan. 

O’Connors Pub

One of the staples of Irish culture is the classic “Irish Pub.” While many might look at the pub as a synonym for bar, the classic Irish pub has quite a cultural significance. Often characterized by a friendly, casual atmosphere, hearty food, alcohol, and traditional Irish music. And when it comes to popularity, there is no pub more iconic than O’Connors. 

Fans of popular music will instantly recognize the name, as it is the pub where singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran filmed the footage for his music video of “Galway Girl.” For those who haven’t seen the music video, or visited the pub, you are in for a treat. 

O’Connors is an old-fashioned, quaint, pub that feels like home to anyone, even if you are just visiting for the first time. The pub opens at 7:30pm every day, and they serve fine ale, beer, and whiskey. The establishment prides itself on authenticity, so the pub has no TV, does not serve any food, and they don’t take reservations. Meaning you will have to show up early if you want a table at this great pub.

Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club is exactly what it sounds like. The smallest comedy club in the whole country opens its doors every Thursday at 8:30pm. Visitors are recommended to remain within for an hour or two, as the place is quite cramped, and new visitors are constantly waiting at the door. 

In the heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter, many of Ireland’s greatest comedians have gotten their start in this small, quaint comedy club. Anyone who is interested in the cultural impact that Galway has had on the arts or comedy owes it to themselves to check out Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club.

Taylor’s Bar and Beer Garden

We discussed O’Connors’ traditional pub atmosphere. But for those who would like to experience a modernized Irish pub, you can’t do wrong with Taylor’s Bar and Beer Garden. With live sport, live music, and an excellent, friendly atmosphere, this pub has truly captured what most people love about modern pubs. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Taylor’s is a “modern bar.” In fact, the establishment’s history dates back to the 19th century. They’ve endured for over 100 years. So, they must be doing something right.

The friendly staff is certainly an aspect of what makes this place so successful and beloved. Open seven days a week, Taylor’s Bar and Beer Garden is an excellent place for those looking to spend the night sipping ale, jamming to Irish tunes, and following the latest in sports.

John Keoghs Gastrobar

But perhaps traditional Irish pubs are not what you are looking for. What if what you want is a nice place for a quiet dinner date? John Keoghs gastropub is just such a place. Though a relatively recent addition to the Galway scene, John Keoghs has already become a staple of the city. The gastrobar has won awards, served as a party venue, and has even been listed among the top five Christmas destinations.

They serve a wide variety of Ireland’s most notable beers. However, you can also enjoy stronger liquor, some delicious cocktails, and a selection of some of the finest wines in the city. As for the dinner menu, patrons can enjoy anything from seafood, to red meat, chicken, and even a vegan option. And if you are feeling peckish, but not hungry, the gastropub also has a “finger food” menu. Mini burgers, chicken skewers, and more, all await at John Keoghs. 

Salt House

The Salt House is frequently among the best and most beloved “nightlife destinations” in Galway. A small, quaint pub, with excellent service, friendly staff, and a wide variety of tap beer. And it is all delicious. Though the Salt House lies across the River Corrib, the short walk to get there is certainly worth the effort. 

Fans of board games will be pleased to know that the Salt House features quite a few gaming options inside. Players can get lost in the game, and often spend a lot more time than intended. Which is great, if you are going out for a fun time with a group of friends. 

Atmosphere-wise, the Salt House is small, cozy, and captures the classic pub atmosphere beautifully. If you are looking for a great time, definitely visit this quaint, Galway pub. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that these six destinations will make your visit to Galway a lot more fun and simple. The city has so much more to offer, so make sure you enjoy its many attractions both during the day and night.