Current trends in the Irish online casino world

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The country is recovering after COVID-19. What is the future of the gambling industry?

The biggest factor in the development of digital technologies in the past and this year was the spread of the virus.

While land-based establishments in Ireland were standing with their doors closed and suffered huge losses every day, losing absolutely the entire audience, a real boom was taking place on online platforms – hundreds of thousands of people deprived of the opportunity to move and go out found salvation in the form of online casinos.

Irish gambling sites began and continue to report a rapid growth in numbers: both in the amount of active online audience and in financial indicators.

In Europe as a whole, it is expected that the share of profit from casinos will increase to 35% by 2025. Taking into account such dynamics in the market, it is predicted that the rapid growth of online gambling will continue.

And all this will be accompanied by new trends and the use of non-standard approaches.

Relocation of the Irish audience

Now the industry is gradually returning to its usual course, attracting more and more users to join. Experts agreed that the coming years will bring a trend for growing amount of online casinos.

And accordingly, the number of of land-based places in Ireland will be reduced. The period from 2021 to 2023 will also be actively used by major Irish casinos to gain more gamblers.

Major Tendencies for Today

According to experts, the emerging competition will affect the business in next ways:

● We can observe the growing number of registration bonuses, cashback, and other promotional offers. Also, they will become more profitable to attract new users.

● There will be a big growth in the number of games in existing gaming places: more and more new 3D slot machines, live and VR games, and other gambling content will appear soon.

● The frequency of tournaments will be increased, which is already seen on the example of the best Irish casinos. The growth of the audience contributes to the improvement of interactivity since it is the main tool for maintaining interest in the game.

The fact that experts write about the best online slots in Ireland is an illustrative example of how the gambling business service is evolving. Fast money withdrawal, bonuses without inflated wagers, round-the-clock support service and other standards of foreign clubs that were not previously observed became available to Irish players.

The entry of cryptocurrencies into the life of an online casino

The development of cryptocurrencies could not stay unnoticed in the online casino market.

Sites will have to force the introduction of new technologies as a reaction to COVID-19 and increased competition.

According to information Irish IT experts, the gambling industry is one of the three most adaptable areas for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The main advantages of this virtual currency include:

● No control by the banking systems.

● The ability to save cryptocurrency or exchange it for game money.

● Instant payments will become the standard in all casinos that want to survive in the current competition.

According to Irish experts, the domestic market of the country will be ready for the introduction of blockchain into the life of gambling clubs operating online.

Mobile Phones are on the top of everything

Over the past five years, the number of smartphone users to go online has increased from 10% to almost 50%. Such figures were provided by several reputable research sites.

It is expected that the number of mobile users will continue to grow rapidly. And this is not surprising, given the convenience and ease of using smartphones for gambling: you can play from anywhere in the world, at any time and in any game.