A Quick Guide to Ireland’s Most Popular Forms of Gambling

Galway Daily news

Gambling has long been a popular pastime in Ireland, with reports suggesting gambling activities taking place in Ireland as far back as the Middle Ages.

Various amendments to Irish Gambling laws over the years have seen a rise in both online and in-person betting, but what are the most popular forms of gambling in Ireland in this new decade? Here’s a quick guide to some of the types of betting popular in Ireland.

Lotteries & Scratch Cards

Lotteries and scratch cards just edge it as the most popular form of gambling in Ireland with 56.7% of people reporting participating in this kind of gambling.

The Irish National Lottery and its various spin-offs, such as Euro Millions and Instant Win Games are readily available both online and in shops to anyone over the age of 18.

Since 2014, there have been 30 different lottery draws each week with over 4 millions sales. Websites also enable Irish gamblers to play international lotteries without leaving their homes.

Lottery scratch cards are also popular with Irish players, while many online casinos provide instant wins and scratch card games too.

Sports Betting

Sports betting increased in Ireland as a result of the 2015 amendment to the Betting Act, with sports such as football, horse racing, Gaelic football and golf some of the most popular to bet on.

As sports start up again and begin to allow spectators from July, sports betting is likely to rise. The 2020 Euros set to start next week will also provide significant betting opportunities for sports fans. 

Online Casinos

Changes in Irish gambling laws in 2015 have meant that Irish players now have an abundance of the best Irish online casinos to choose from. Online gambling saw a global increase in 2020 due to the pandemic and lockdowns 

Poker remains one of the most popular games in Ireland, and Irish online casinos tend to include several versions of the game to provide more choice for their customers.

Live casinos have endeavoured to create the feel of a land-based casino, or ‘private members club’ as they are still known in parts of Ireland. Until land-based casinos reopen across Ireland, online casinos will continue to attract more customers than ever before. 

Daily Fantasy 

Offered by sports bookmakers, sports news sites, and dedicated sites, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) drafts and games are highly accessible to Irish players.

Usually, Fantasy Sports follow one of two formats – cash games or a guaranteed prize pool (GPP). Classed as a game of skill, they are a kind of extension of manager games and rely on the player’s knowledge of a particular sport, including their ability to compensate for injuries. You will find DF for sports such as football, Gaelic football, formula one, American football, rugby league, rugby union, basketball, golf, cricket and ice hockey.

You should always read the terms and conditions before engaging in a fantasy draft or choosing an online casino and ensure you are gambling responsibly.