A Job in a Casino House: Pros and Cons


Opulent casinos are known for offering unique and prestigious entertainment. Their interior design, their service, and pretty much everything about the place were created to provide visitors with a good time. This is extremely difficult, after all, casinos profits come from those customers that lose money. Meaning the great majority of visitors is on the losing side and you can imagine just how tricky it is to keep everyone in a good mood.

This is why working as a live dealer can be demanding. You need to be charismatic, witty, and so many other things. But it is also a job that has its perks, and a lot of people who work as a dealer love it. Unless of course, a pandemic strikes and your job is in jeopardy because the institution is losing revenue. Those events aside, let’s see what are some pros and cons of working as a croupier. 

Lots of Responsibilities 

This is neither good nor bad, it’s really one of those things that are demanding but at the same time builds a character. Croupier needs to know the rules to all of the games, he needs to be social and charming, and also look out for anyone who might be cheating. Basically, a good atmosphere at the table is your responsibility, and if you are not careful, or if you make mistakes it could harm the game. 

Of course, you cannot manage everything, and casinos are somewhat known for shady dealings. Just recently a casino in Sydney was a part of a money-laundering scandal, which is why they plan to ban cash payments in a casino. This is something that criminals often do, use supposed casino winnings to justify their earnings, and chances are you will have to deal with them from time to time. 

Problematic Clients     

When we say troublesome guests we don’t only refer to criminals that were mentioned previously. The truth is you can do your best to be professional but if someone is drinking and losing then that person will likely be tense and irascible. It’s not so uncommon that they take out their frustrations on the dealer or that they antagonize the worker because it feels like they are playing against him or her.  


If these things bother you but you still wish to do this job, you can always try your chance at a slightly different but similar workplace. Nowadays there are lots of online casino platforms in Ireland and all over the world that boast a great number of casino games, and they also have lots of users. They typically offer hundreds of slot games, but they also have so-called live games. These experiences require a live dealer who is sitting in front of the camera. This can be a far less stressful environment. 

Lucky Guests Tend to Be Generous

There are definitely going to be moments when you are truly glad you picked this profession. Every now and then guests catch a lucky streak, and it’s pretty much a custom for them to tip the dealer. It’s also a part of gambling psychology, they might perceive you as a lucky charm and they want to show karma how they are not selfish, whatever the case these are some of the best moments throughout the dealer’s career. 

Working Night Shifts 

Casinos tend to work 24/7 so you will definitely see a fair share of night shifts while working as a dealer. The same goes if you are working as a live dealer on any instant withdrawal casino site, as they are always available, and allow users to withdraw their winnings at any time. This is why it can be exhausting at times and you might get a desire to switch professions later in life. Of course, if you are a night owl then chances are you won’t mind too much and you will thrive at this workplace. 

It’s a Unique Career Path with Opportunities for Progression 

It’s true that the skills you are honing here aren’t entirely applicable to other jobs. Although, you do get to work on your social skills and learn to be witty, which can definitely come in handy. However, it’s obvious that when the pandemic started and casinos began to lose revenue lots of dealers were concerned about where they will work next. Still, this was an exceptional situation, and many other professions were affected.  Furthermore, there is a hierarchy or ladder that you can climb once you start as a croupier.

For example, if you show ambition and interest to advance, you can be promoted to pit manager.  After that, you can aim for the position of floor manager or even as a shift manager. Each of these entails more responsibility, but if you excel you can end up managing the entire casino.   


To sum up, this is a dynamic and very interesting job. At the same time, it is demanding and sometimes outright exhausting. You might have days where you get lots of tips, but the overall salary for this position isn’t that high so it soon starts to feel like you are dependent on those tips. 

Luckily, there is room for you to advance in ranks and that can be a serious motivating factor. Moreover, online casinos with live games are now everywhere, so it’s a lot easier to get a new gig with this skill set. So, all things considered, it is a pretty balanced opportunity, and if you enjoy this type of work you should go for it.