Wednesday – Homeless Crisis Coalition Meeting

Homeless crisis GALWAY DAILY

Building a Galway coalition to help solve the housing and homelessness crisis
Wednesday, Feb 7 @ 7pm
Monroe’s Late Bar, 14 Dominick Street Upper

The housing and homelessness crisis is spiraling out of control. It affects not only the most vulnerable, but hundreds of thousands of working people and students, who simply cannot afford rents and house prices.

People are sleeping on the streets, families are sleeping in hotel rooms, many people are living in overcrowded houses as they are unable to afford skyrocketing rents and mortgages, and those renting are watching their rent continuously rise while their wages remain the same, losing sleep at night as they wonder if they can pay this month’s bills.

Come along if you are outraged and want to know how you can help! Various Galway groups are looking to organise a groundswell of support to put real pressure for change at the national demonstration on April 7th.

This meeting is hosted by People Before Profit Galway, which aims to use the event as a platform to build a Galway coalition on housing and homelessness and help to mobilise people for the national demonstration.

Derrick Hambleton – An Taisce
Megan Reilly – NUI Galway Students Union
Diarmaid O’Sullivan – Threshold
Joe Loughnane – People Before Profit Galway

The meeting organisers are also hoping to have contributions from the Galway Traveller Movement and the Galway Anti-Racism Network.