Tuesday – The Black Gate Movie Quiz

Movie Quiz at the Black Gate

Movie Quiz at the Black Gate Cultural Centre, 14 Francis Street
8pm, €20/table (4 per table max)

Do you always answer your friends when they ask “What else was (s)he in?” Do you have unreasonably strong opinions about the quality (or lack thereof) of sequels/prequels/reboots? Did you just get indignant at the word “unreasonably”?

If so, the Black Gate Movie Quiz sounds like your bowl of popcorn.

The Black Gate Table Quiz ~ Movie Edition returns tomorrow night with the quiz-master dream-team that is Gar & Eamonn at the helm.

As ever they’re poised to amaze you, puzzle you and hopefully reward you! Plus for the week that’s in it there will be just a smidgen of the Romantic genre ♡

Movie buffs, film nerds, film buffs, buff nerds – everyone is welcome!

Come on down to satisfy all your movie trivia needs.