New craft village The Glass Factory coming to Galway

Galway daily life & style craft village the Glass Factory opening in Galway this week

A brand new craft village ‘The Glass Factory’ is opening this week in Galway with local craftspeople bringing out the best of their wares in glass and other crafts.

Some of the stalls will have craftspeople just selling their creations, and maybe sharing the stories behind their craft.

Other will have more elaborate displays with designers, artists, and producers creating custom ordered pieces at their stalls.

More than just a market, the oraganisers also plan to run a series of workshops, demonstrations, and other events about while the craft village is open.

Some of the people bringing their work to the craft village have chosen to collaborate with other stall owners to share their experience and create more varied offerings for people to see.

The Glass Factory is setting up this Friday, August 24 at Galway Irish Crystal on the Old Dublin road.

It’s also home to SALT Café & Restaurant, where you can find a wonderful boat themed art exhibition ‘Sails’, with pieces by local artist Astrid Carolina Perez.

Artist Astrid Carolina Perez and some of her work from ‘Sails’ on display at SALT café

All works are available for purchase, ask in SALT for more details.

The Glass Factory will initially run for eight weeks from August 24 – October 14 and will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 5pm.

Anyone who still wants to get involved in the craft village should contact