Monday – Sew for Repeal at Nova Bar

sew for repeal

Sew for Repeal
Monday, March 5 @ 7pm
Nova Bar in Galway’s Westend

The Galway Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment want your old sheets and your sewing skills!!

We will be making our ‘Repeal’ Sashes for our Votes for Repeal march Galway International Women’s Day event on March 8th and we will also be making our own Galway Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment banner!

Clear out your closet and scrap materials and come along! Bring a needle and thread, a friend or two, and have some fun!

Not all of us are blessed stitchers and seamstresses – we’ll have a poster-making corner too for the march for those who prefer.

Sure what else would you be doing on a Monday night only making Repeal paraphernalia? All are welcome!

Please note the venue space is upstairs in Nova so this event isn’t wheelchair accessible, but we aim to use accessible venues when we can.


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