U.S. tech company adding 30 jobs in Galway

Galway Daily business Cisco to add 30 jobs in Galway

Californian tech company Cisco is adding 30 new software development jobs in Galway as it expands its Irish operations.

Cisco has announced that it will create 100 new jobs in Ireland at its Dublin and Galway branches since adding Ireland to its Digital Acceleration Programme, to support digitising more of the economy here.

According to the Irish Times the jobs in Galway will be for software developers working on artificial intelligence and machine learning, while the positions in Dublin will be sales and marketing jobs, hired indirectly through U.S. based company N3.

CEO and Global Chairman of Cisco Chuck Robbins said that improving digital skills and innovation is crucial to the future of Ireland’s economy.

“Ireland is at a pivotal point, with nearly one million additional people anticipated to be living and working in the country by 2040.

“Technology has the power to help the nation accelerate its digital future and advance its social, economic and cultural development.”

Cisco has operated in Ireland since 1999, and currently employs almost 300 people between its Dublin and Galway offices at Oranmore Business Park, which will increase to 400 when this expansion is completed.

Speaking to the Irish Times Mr. Robbins said that he expects Cisco will continue to expands its operations in Ireland well into the future, “We view Ireland as a country that we should, could and will continue to invest in because of the talent here, and the culture here creates an environment where the morale makes it a great place to work.”

Founded in 1984 at Stanford University, Cisco creates communications and network technology solutions to improve the way the internet and digital technologies can work for the economy.

Cisco have said they will be working with the Irish government to promote investment and innovation in digital technologies for manufacturing, as well as that issue that always comes up when discussing the role of technology in people’s lives and businesses: Cybersecurity.