The app which allows you to book appointments online in seconds

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Booking appointments by phone is a chore that very few people, if anyone at all, enjoy doing. People don’t like booking appointments for a plethora of reasons; it is time-consuming, inconvenient and many will just put off lifting the phone to make the call to schedule a much-needed appointment at their local beautician, hairdresser or masseuse. 

For that reason websites and apps are popping up which allow customers to book appointments online at the click of a button. Booksy, the best appointment making app, makes this not only so much easier, it is actually a pleasure to navigate, and it is immeasurably faster than lifting the phone.

It takes all but ten seconds to make an appointment with Booksy, and it is available 24/7 – meaning no longer do you have to wait until the next morning – or in some cases Monday morning – to make that appointment that you need.

Booksy has a range of services from hairdressers, barbers, nail salons, skincare salons, makeup artists and massage parlours, among many others – and more and more local services are being added each week. 

The app works in an extremely simple way, and its simplicity is what makes it so popular. People simply enter their location and choose the service they need, and they are then presented with a list of services in their area.

The prices are also included, giving customers not only an easy way to manage their appointments, but also the chance to compare rates on Booksy’s marketplace and choose the option which best suits their needs.

The available hours are then presented, and with the click of a button – or the touch of a screen – the appointment is booked, just like that, and customers can even pay online. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Booksy also sends reminders to customers, meaning you’ll never forget about that appointment.

The app isn’t just great for customers though, businesses are also benefiting. They are signing up in their droves, as Booksy allows them to save time which would otherwise be used organising appointments, and also to take bookings outside of their opening hours.

Businesses are given a free trial to check out for themselves how Booksy can make their lives easier.

To find out more about booksy, visit: or download the app now on the Apple store here or the Google Play Store here.