Ok Who’s Next? Galway company providing hairdressers with free booking software

Galway Daily business Galway has among Ireland's lowest rates of 'ghosting' salon appointments
There’s a lot shaggy Irish heads in dire need of shearing right now, and hairdressers are going to be run off their feet from next week to meet this need.

But just because the doors are open again, doesn’t mean things go back to the way they were, and for the foreseeable future hairdressers, salons, and barbers are going to be operating by appointment only.

And while many salons are used to operating by appointment, but a lot of barbers are used to having people walk in off the street and wait for their turn in the chair.

To help them out the Galway based software company OK Who’s Next is making their booking software free to all appointments based businesses until September.

Founder and Managing Director of OK Who’s Next Martin Flynn says “Many appointment-based businesses such as Hairdressers, Beauticians, Wellbeing and Fitness need a boost to kickstart their businesses post lockdown.

“Unfortunately, many will not survive the lockdown but with our free software many will be able to re-engage with their clients, safeguard employee jobs and get back to profitability”.

OK Who’s Next provides affordable easy to use appointment management software which allows clients to book appointments in seconds on the free to use apps.  

This ‘one stop shop’ makes it easy for clients to book a range of appointments, while enabling service-providers schedule appointments safely in line with capacity and staff numbers. 

Businesses simply promote the time slots they have available, and customers are able to pick them out from the platform quick and easy, with no fuss.

With the current challenges facing businesses it is more important than ever for local businesses to prepare for what they do best, providing excellent service to their clients while giving clients the easiest way to book those services,” Flynn said.

OK Who’s Next has been listed by the Irish Hairdressing Council and HABIC – Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation as a resource for its members to prepare for the new normal starting this week.

For more information go to www.okwhosnext.com.