Newly renovated Stitches reopens as it celebrates 40 years in Galway

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When Chris Roche decided to buy Stitches Clothing and Alterations in the Summer of 2020, she knew a challenge was ahead of her.

A Galway gem and successful business in the city for 40 years, Stitches was a company Chris was proud to own, and quickly adjusted to her new role.

However, as the first year anniversary of her ownership approaches, the doors of the business have been closed more than they have been open since Chris took over last summer.

“Since taking over Stitches last July we haven’t been able to implement our new ideas as we’ve been closed more than open,” she said.

However Chris is still optimistic about the reopening, and looking forward to disclosing the new look of the business.

“In saying that it has given us the time to give Stitches a makeover, our birthday gift to Stitches as it celebrated 40 years serving the people of Galway.”

Chris’ daughter Danielle, who also works in Stitches, explained how timing was not ideal for her mother’s company at the beginning.

“When my mom took over the business in July, we were both full of enthusiasm to get started but unfortunately like the majority of Businesses Covid put an end to it,” Danielle said.

Danielle however, shares in her mother’s positive outlook and sees the silver lining in all the setbacks of the previous year.

“We decided the only thing we could do is stay positive and make the best of a bad situation.

“Although Covid put a halt to a lot of our initial plans, it encouraged us to think of other avenues we could pursue and we now have a lot of plans to expand our online store which we mightn’t have had otherwise.”

Danielle added that the hardworking staff have really helped and praised the teamwork of all their employees.

“We have a really great team at Stitches and I would really like to thanks all our seamstresses for their hard work.”

As lockdown restrictions are eased, Chris is happy to see Galway city beginning to reopen and is delighted that other business owners who have also struggled can now open their doors once again.

“It’s good to see a buzz starting to return to the city, Eyre Street and the city have been so quiet, even eerie at times.

“This last week I’ve noticed other business preparing for reopening and no doubt like ourselves, hoping we have seen the last of lockdowns and that we can all get back to normal, albeit a new kind of normal,” Chris added.

Stitches Clothing and Alterations reopened this morning at 9am. Located on Eyre street, it is open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm. Everyone who visits the shop this week will be entered into a draw for a hamper giveaway!

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