Galway based fuel company expands their environmentally friendly fuels

Galway Daily news Galway based fuel company expands their environmentally friendly fuels

Galway based fuel company EcoFuel has launched their new range of sustainable EcoBirch Briquettes, made from 100% reclaimed Birch wood.

The sustainability structure and ethos of Ecofuel is centred around ‘Small Acts Change the World’.  The Ecofuel products sold through their website have been sourced from sustainable forestry in the EU, where company founder Janis Vitols is originally from.

The Kiln Dried Firewood (Ash, Birch and Oak) comes from FSC managed forests in Latvia where the Latvian State Forests are committed to reforestation and promoting biodiversity. Last year they planted over 29 million trees in their forests to replace the trees felled for firewood.

The Ecofuel Wood Briquette products are all made from by-product or recycled wood products. The briquettes are an Aspen by-product, so no trees are intentionally felled for their production.

Or they may also be Beech Wood logs made from recycled Beech Wood furniture, PiniKay Heat Logs, beech, and oak sawdust

“Sustainability has always been key to us,” said Janis Vitols, “We never wanted to compete with coal or fossil fuels, instead we wanted to introduce the Irish market to cleaner more environmentally friendly fuel options like I grew up with in Latvia.

“This combined with our excellent customer service has driven our business faster than we ever expected,” the company co-founder added.