Five marketing and PR companies launch new business support platform

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Inspired by the creativity of Irish people helping others during the COVID-19 crisis, five marketing and PR companies have come together to launch a brand new business support initiative.

Oneaday is a platform devised by iZest Marketing which allows businesses and individuals to help one another by offering free services, advice and information based on their area of expertise.

People who avail of a service on the platform are asked to pay it forward in some way to another business or individual.

Over 100 companies have now signed up to Oneaday, giving an estimated €50k of services per week at no charge to support SMEs and individuals.

Galway based Áine Image & Communications became involved by contributing one consultation per day to help people define their Personal Brand.

Director Áine Killilea says it’s more important now than ever to focus on our online image.

“Face-to-face business has been turned on it’s head in the last six weeks with us having to adapt collectively at lightening speed to new virtual methods.

“People have quickly become dependent on social media, most especially LinkedIn of which there are over 2 million Irish Users, to connect and generate business.

“How you highlight your skills and business on social media platforms is now more critical than ever.

“I see this coming through in new clients as I work with them to develop and communicate what they have to offer.

“Being generous is also a great remedy for feeling hemmed in.  It lifts your spirits and can encourage others to pass it on building a greater movement.

“When I was approached to contribute to Oneaday with the times we find ourselves in, getting involved makes perfect sense.”

Businesses and experts who want to do their ‘one a day’ can register today on and they will then be listed on the collaborators page, with what service they are offering and how they can be contacted.