Local ceramics artist unveils sculpture in partnership with city business

Galway Daily art & culture Local ceramics artists unveils new sculpture
Photo Martina Regan

The Galway based ceramics artists Tatiana Dobos has created a stunning new sculpture which was unveiled at the MetLife city centre offices recently.

The beautiful framed blue and yellow ceramics sculpture was unveiled by the artist to MetLife employees in their Innovation Centre on Augustine Street.

Fiona Lally General Manager MetLife says the company “has to be creative in every area and to celebrate innovation. To inspire others to think outside the box. This gets at the heart of what we do here at MetLife.”

Tatiana created this piece as part of the ‘DesignWorks’ programme created by Caroline McDonagh of the Local Enterprise Office Galway and Ricky Conneely of IDA Ireland, which pairs an artist with a multi-national corporation in order to create something truly unique.

Tatiana spoke about how this project had changed the way in which she will approach her work in future, saying that she will “significantly change my design process after this project.”

“It had previously been more intuitive but now will be a little more structured. The work expresses time and the connected nature of all of the internal processes in the company.”

Tania Banotti, Director Creative Ireland spoke about their support for the creative industries. “We believe that participating in creative activities increases people’s wellbeing, individually and collectively.

“We have an ambitious plan for the creative and design industries. This project brings together these agencies and really good businesses in Galway, it’s what we are all about.”

Other designers participating in the project include Niamh Daniels at Genesys, Tommy Carew at Mathworks, Eva Lynch at Smartbear and Finbar McHugh is exploring the design process at EA Games.

The project is a collaboration between IDA Ireland, the LEO Galway, Creative Ireland and the City Council.

photo credit: Martina Regan