Business Courses for Students who Want to Be Financially Literate


Financial literacy is vital to understand how to manage the budget properly. If the student is planning to become a businessman, he/she needs a lot of knowledge and skills in this field. Without understanding financial processes, the future startup won’t be successful.

That’s why starting a business course is a great idea to become more financially literate. If you do not have enough free time because you are overloaded with writing assignments, you can ask the professional for assistance. Reading the reviews can help find the best paper writers on PaperWriter which are experts in this field. After you solve this problem, it’s high time to choose the best business course.

Top 6 Best Business Courses for Students

Before starting a business in college, look through the list of the best business courses for students available online. And feel free to use special essay writing services if you’re searching ‘need help with my home work’ in situations requiring urgency. After finishing the courses, you will become a financially literate person able to manage the money properly. Who knows, maybe, you will even start your business project.

Investing 101: How to Start Investing in 4 Simple Steps by Udemy 

This course tells beginners how to invest money. Also, the course by Udemy provides a simple-step guide on how to become an investment professional. Here you can find the lectures by the experts with ten years experience telling about:

  • Foundation of wealth-building;
  • Fundamentals of smart investing;
  • How to create an investment portfolio;
  • Starting and maintaining the investing business.

After finishing this course, you will have enough knowledge to start investing according to all the principles of financial literacy.

Beginner’s Guide to Managing Money by Udemy 

This beginner’s guide is perfect for students who want to be financially literate. Udemy prepared eight segments of the course that will answer all your questions. You will learn how to earn income, spend, and save money. 

Also, the students will get a guide on how to set the goals and create a budget. After finishing the course, you will become financially literate and will have the next steps to start your own business.

Financial Literacy in Times of Crisis by Udemy

This course is available at Udemy and teaches how to be a financially literate businessman in crisis times. The business trainer Ted Wainman discusses why financial literacy is crucial for a successful startup. Also, eight lectures are available.

During this course, different entrepreneurs will tell you how to make money fast and effectively. Besides, directors and key stakeholders will share the secrets of successful financial strategy. 

Managing Your Personal Finances by LinkedIn Learning

This course is perfect for beginners in the world of business. It consists of 4 main constituents of personal finances: earning, spending, saving, and investing. What is more, the students have an opportunity to learn more about different types of income.

You can try a 1-month trial to understand whether it fits your needs or interests. One more benefit of this course is that it is quick. So, you will get the necessary knowledge in one or two months. 

Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World

Decision-making is an important skill for a successful businessman. FutureLearn aims to teach students how to make the best decisions in the fast-developing world. 

Everything becomes more complex and uncertain in our times, so choosing the right strategy is vital. Financial literacy involves the ability of the businessman to react fast and correctly. Hence, this course teaches how to become future leaders and key decision-makers.

Preparing to Manage Human Resources

It’s a great course by the University of Minnesota available at Coursera. The main focus is on hard career skills. The course will be useful both for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. Before starting your own business, it’s crucial to know how to manage employees effectively.

Financial Literacy is great, but future entrepreneurs should also know the human resource management (HRM) strategies. This course teaches all these secrets and provides powerful ideas to motivate future works.

College Courses that Teach Finance Skills

Starting an online course is not the only opportunity to become more financially literate. Students can also add one of the Business and Finance courses to their schedule. Here you can find the list of college courses that can help you get knowledge and boost your skills in this field. 


Statistics refers to data collection, analysis, and further interpretation. This discipline teaches the students how to estimate the probability of a certain event. This subject is crucial for improving financial literacy. After this course, the students will have the necessary skills to invest, buy and sell the property.

Statistics is important to know how to make decisions correctly. Also, having this knowledge, you will be able to choose the best strategy for your business. 


Accounting courses provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and manage numbers. In addition, students should understand their finances and learn how to track money. Also, accounting is crucial for negotiating deals. Finally, this course is helpful to know how to do the taxes.

No doubt, college students should add this subject to their curriculum to become more financially literate. Accounting provides a basic understanding of the majority of financial processes.


Business is another course important for boosting financial literacy. It teaches students to understand the fundamentals of various aspects related to finance. Furthermore, business lectures tell about the economic activity of different countries. 

One more benefit of this course is in sharing the basic concepts related to data analysis and modeling. Without these skills, it will be quite hard to manage personal finances after starting your own business.


A Finance course is last but not the least on this list. After visiting these lectures, the students will have enough knowledge and skills to analyze expenditures and plan the project’s future growth.

Also, Finance covers a lot of topics, such as budgeting, career guidance, college financing, and bank accounts. Be sure that you will increase your outlook in this field and be prepared to manage your money properly.  

Final Words 

Now you know which courses you need to increase your knowledge in financial literacy. Remember that understanding the basic financial and business process is crucial for planning a perfect strategy on how to rule your own startup.