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New app lets pubs and restaurants do business in COVID-era

An Irish tech duo have launched a new app that will allow pubs, restaurants, gyms and other outlets to open and do business in the new COVID-era.

The GPS-based technology allows business owners to let their customers know their compliance standards and how much space is available at their premises.

Ordee allows customers to make informed, real-time decisions about where they can go to socialise safely.

In its first week, 200 businesses signed up to arrange a demo of the software, which is the first of its kind in Ireland.

It is expected that many more will sign up to Ordee in the coming months, as the country prepares for a ‘new normal’.

“Publicans, restaurateurs and so many other business owners throughout the country are chomping at the bit to get back to work,” said Anthony Cronin, co-founder of the app. “But they are struggling to see how they can maintain compliance standards and still operate their business, while keeping costs down.”

Anthony Cronin

“With Ordee we have basically taken these key obstacles that businesses are facing, developed solutions to address them, and centralised the solutions in one easy to use app.

“It’s critical that venues can re-engage with their customer base – and Ordee will allow them to do this efficiently, cost effectively and safely”.

Mr. Cronin explained how the app also addresses concerns from a consumer perspective -as there is an air of concern among people about how they can go out and socialise safely.

“People are cognisant of the fact that they don’t want their behaviour, or the behaviour of others, to put themselves or others in jeopardy. The Ordee app is designed to go some way to alleviating these concerns.

“Ordee allows publicans, restauranteurs and other service providers and retailers to put their energy into their core business, while ensuring that their venue is compliant with ‘Return to Work Safely Guidelines’,” said Anthony Cronin.

How does the app work?

The business signs up to the program and is then listed as a venue on the app and shown on the live map to users. Businesses can segregate online bookings for space and for walk-ins

The user downloads the app and can check a list of venues in real time to see which venues currently have available space. They can book based on availability and join a queue

Once the user chooses a venue and arrives at the location, they receive a notification to confirm they are there and how many people are in their party, in which case the app will update the venue’s status accordingly.

If the patron him/herself does not have the app on their person, then the venue itself can ‘clock a person/ persons in’ manually through the admin section of the programme

The user can also use the app to order and pay for drinks, food etc.

Financial Support

Developers at Ordee say that because the app is deemed an e-commerce solution, businesses that want to sign up might be able to avail of the LEO Trading Online Voucher to do so – provided they meet the criteria.

Mr. Cronin added: Cashflow is tight, to say the least, for most businesses at the moment and compliance with COVID-protocols is going to incur additional costs.

“To offset these, the Government have put in place supports – one of which is the Local Enterprise Trading Online grant and businesses can use it to sign up for Ordee.

“If your application is accepted, LEO will fund 90% of the cost of the Platform for your business. There are a few T&C’s but the process is very simple and effective”.

Since launching last week, almost 200 businesses nationwide have requested demonstrations.

“Interest has been huge. Even more than we envisaged. Our team are working round the clock to ensure that we get to everyone who has requested a demo as quickly as possible.”

Michael Malone
Email me at editor@galwaydaily.com
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