Video | Nicola Coughlan takes us on beautiful tour of her life in Galway

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Nicola Coughlan in Made in Ireland. Watch below!

Nicola Coughlan has taken fans on a personal tour of her hometown, giving an insight into her life in Galway for a new short film made by Netflix.

In her episode of Made In Ireland, Nicola who stars in the fantastic new Netflix series Bridgerton, reveals how a camcorder gifted to her by her older brother kicked started her love of the arts.

From there we learn how she got her big break, how she made Derry Girl Clare come to life, and what it means to her to be a Featherington.

Nicola takes us to some of her favourite places, including her family home, her primary school, and her university.

And along the way, we meet the siblings who encouraged her, the primary school teacher who guided her, and the best friend she still has to this day. Watch below!