TG4 now available in High-Definition on Saorview

Galway Daily television TG4 now available in High-Definition on Saorview

TG4 is now available in high-definition on the free-to-air Saorview digital platform for the first time.

Saorview is Ireland’s free-to-air national digital television service, which has carried TG4 since it first launched in 2011.

Its new HD option will provide a better viewer experience and will be enjoyed in particular for sports and live events, films, high-end entertainment and documentary programming on the Irish language channel.

TG4 Director General Alan Esslemont welcomed the announcement, thanking Minister Catherine Martin and Department officials for the supplementary funding that made it possible.

“Provision of HD services for public service media on a free to air platform such as Saorview is essential as HD has become established norm in broadcasting.”

“Audiences now expect high quality across all platforms, and TG4 viewers will now enjoy excellent pictures and increased engagement in high-quality content that TG4 continues to deliver to its audiences.”

Saorview is Ireland’s free-to-air DTT platform with 626,000 Irish television households using the service, of which 198,000 are Saorview-only homes.

The platform is owned and managed by RTÉ, with its broadcast infrastructure built and operated by its wholly owned subsidiary 2rn.

Saorview Business Development Manager, Jim Higgins said, “We are pleased to note the availability of TG4 in High Definition on Ireland’s free-to-air digital TV platform, and we expect to see a good reaction from our audience to this welcome development.”