Tadhg is an unlikely saviour in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television Tadhg is an unlikely saviour in Ros na Rún

Tadhg makes an unlikely hero for Cóilí Jackie, Berni and Tony try to fool everyone, and John Joe tries to save his relationship in Ros na Rún.

Cóilí Jackie has a bitter pill to swallow when he can’t put together the money to buy his land from Sorcha and Sadie.

But Tadhg of all people is the one to offer a solution, which is happily accepted by them. How will Malachaí feel about this?

It’s not all roses for Tadhg, as new arrival ‘Sonny the Yank’ may cause him to rue the day this stranger set foot in the village.

Bobbi Lee receives a parting gift from Andy, now that they are officially divorced. Just what is this gift, and what effect will it have on her?

Berni, much to David’s disapproval, conspires with Tony to convince everyone they are in a relationship. Just how are they planning on pulling this ruse off?

Micheál and John Joe realize that they were both in the wrong and decide to let  bygones be bygones. But John Joe might have a harder time convincing O’Shea to take him back.

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