Sonny hatches a underhand scheme in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television Sonny hatches a underhand scheme in Ros na Rún

Sonny has a scheme to help secure he land he wants, Colm is struggling with single parenting, and Sorcha wants to stop Michelle leaving Ros na Rún.

Sonny throws money at his land problem, first trying an underhanded scheme with Cóilí Jackie, and offering to pay off Tadhg. Where will these offers take him?

Colm, try as he might, is finding it difficult to juggle the burdens of being a single parent and work together. Noreen, seeing him struggle, comes up with a plan.

Briain, desperate for a character witness that he can use in court, comes begging to David. Will he help him out?

Sorcha is far from happy that Malachaí is dating her mother while also  representing Briain in court, but is she right to be concerned.

At the same time, she’s also up to some sleuthing to try and find out who spilled Michelle’s secret in order to stop her from leaving Ros na Rún.

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