Ros na Rún headed for 2,000th episode milestone

Gráinne Bleasdale, Gearóid Ó Ciobháin and Caitriona Ní Dhomhnaill pictured at TG4’s Ros na Rún Wrap Party in the Connemara Coast Hotel celebrating Season 27. Photo Martina Regan

TG4’s Irish language soap opera Ros na Rún is going to hit a milestone in television history next month as it passes 2,000 episodes.

Filming for the 27th season of Ros na Rún wrapped up on the dedicated set in An Spideál last week, with the cast and crew celebrating another successful year.

The current series of the rural based drama will continue to be broadcast on TG4 and will come to an explosive climax on June 15.

But before that, Ros na Rún will hit its 2,000th episode on March 16 during Seachtain na Gaeilge.

It’s been quite the rollercoaster of emotions and storylines throughout Season 27, with property drama, betrayals and romance, and the literal digging up of old skeletons.

The uncovery of Caitriona’s uncles’ remains on Sonny’s site has sent her ego to dizzying heights, and is about to leave her homeless, not to mention costing her the respect of her daughter.

Life is never without drama for Caitriona, but has she turned everyone against herself this time, even Meabh?

Viewers are keenly following Sonia, Mack and Sam. Is Vera right that Sam is looking for his mother’s attention more and more by rebelling and playing truant. 

Is stealing from an Siopa the start of Sam’s rebellious chapter. How will Sonia cope as a single mum? 

Will Mack be there to support her or is Rory  about to push Mack’s buttons and reveal his growing “coke” habit. 

Will Sorcha and Greg regret having betrayed Michelle’s friendship and loyalty to the degree they have? Or will there be any lesson for the thieving duo at all? 

That’s just a taste of the drama and intrigue that has been tantalising viewers all season, and it’s far from over yet.

There’s plenty of surprises in store for viewers in the weeks to come, including the return of some long lost Ros na Rún faces.

Ros na Rún is sponsored by XL Ireland and is co-production between Tyrone Productions in Dublin and Danú Media in Connemara for TG4. 

Employing 160 people when filming on the purpose built set at Ros na Rún in an Spidéal, Ros na Rún is the largest independent artistic and TV production outside of Dublin. 

Stay tuned Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm on TG4, with the omnibus on Sunday at 7:30pm, for what has proven to be another vibrant series of Ros na Rún.

The village of secrets will continue to keep viewers entertained and enthralled with drama and serious life challenges, many of which are speckled with comedy.