Michelle learns of Fiach’s blackmail and stealing in Ros na Rún

Ros na Rún

Tadhg lets loose on Colm over Frances death, Michelle finds out about Fiach’s lies, and Emma tries to take advantage in Ros na Rún.

Tadhg, believing that Colm doesn’t care about Mo or Frances’ death, comes to pay him a visit, while Colm tries to explain how heartbroken he is.

He has just gotten a letter from Mo, only to find she wants to be left alone. Will Colm obey Mo’s instructions, or will Tadhg make it academic by going to the police?

Michelle finds out that Fiach blackmailed Rory, and that he and Caoilfhionn stole money while paying poker in Canada.

Emma, not knowing what Michelle has learned, but seeing that not all is well between her and Fiach, plans to take advantage of the situation.

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