It’s Lights, Camera, Action for Caitríona’s documentary in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television Could a documentary expose a killer Ros na Rún?

The cameras are rolling for Caitríona’s documentary, Briain is shunned on all sides, and Laoise discovers the stress of running a b&b in Ros na Rún.

Briain soon realises what people think of him in Ros na Rún when Charlie no longer wants to work with him, and his classes in the Ionad Pobail are cancelled.

Berni is still shook from her own meeting with Briain, but Luke thinks he has something that might help.

It’s lights, camera, action for Caitríona’s directorial debut as the camera’s roll for her documentary on Frances’ death. Will disaster strike production?

Colm is left with little choice but to leave baby Harry with Peatsaí. Will Peatsaí  prove he is more than capable of taking care of a child? 

Laoise dips her toe into the b&b business, but is driven nearly up the wall by a house full of guests. Micheál encourages her to keep it open despite pressure from multiple sides.

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