Hidden Gems: 3 Shows to Binge on Netflix This Summer

Galway Daily television Hidden Gems: 3 Shows to Binge on Netflix This Summer

The fact that a movie or a TV show is popular doesn’t automatically mean that it’s also valuable.  The movies with the highest ticket sales routinely prove to be forgettable, a kind of bubblegum for the brain – all flavour, no calories – or, as Martin Scorsese put it, theme parks

Then again, a lack of popularity doesn’t mean that a show or movie is good. The fact that far fewer people know about “Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses” than the show about Joe Exotic’s menagerie doesn’t make it any better.

Actually, “The Possession” is not the best example, considering that it tackles a much more serious question than keeping exotic pets: religion, exorcism, and death. 

Netflix has something for every taste, from light comedies and kids’ shows to deep, thought-provoking shows, including some hidden gems that may easily slip under the radar – underrated shows that deserve all the attention they get.

I Am A Killer

Hidden Gems: 3 Shows to Binge on Netflix This Summer

“I Am A Killer” is a true-crime series that takes turns things upside-down: instead of following the investigators solve a crime, it interviews the killers – death row inmates convicted of murder.

The series offers never-before-seen insights into what went on in their minds, what made them commit the crimes they were condemned for, and questions the very reason for a death row to even exist.

The series has two seasons, one released in August 2018, and a second, in January this year.

Green Frontier (Frontera Verde)

Hidden Gems: 3 Shows to Binge on Netflix This Summer

One of the best things about Netflix is that it goes way beyond Hollywood (or Hollywood North), giving filmmakers from pretty much all over the world a chance to shine.

This policy has allowed not only acclaimed shows like “The Dark” reach a global audience but hidden gems like “Green Frontier” to find their way into our playlists.

“Frontera Verde” is Colombian crime-thriller miniseries that takes us deep into the jungle. Creators Diego Ramírez Schrempp, Mauricio Leiva-Cock, and Jenny Ceballos went to great lengths to make it as authentic as possible.

The main story is built around a well-known trope – a group of young investigators look into a series of crimes – but the setting makes it stand out: it all happens in the jungle on the border of Brazil and Colombia, filmed on location, and involves a series of native actors.

The series has stunning visuals that make it totally immersive – even if you’re not a fan of the genre, it’s worth watching as eye bleach.


If you’re a fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, you may want to give “Crazyhead” a chance.

The miniseries created by Howard Overman of “Misfits” fame follows a couple of young women who, on top of their own problems, have to also deal with demons trying to open the gates of Hell. 

“Crazyhead” is a solid horror-comedy that, unfortunately, only lasted for six episodes – but at least those six are filled with one-liners, a down-to-earth attitude, often impolite dialogue, turning it into a guilty pleasure for the fans of the genre.