Bobbi Lee’s scheme backfires in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television Bobbi Lee's scheme backfires in Ros na Rún

Bobbi Lee’s scheme backfires, Vera is angry at Caitríona’s performance, and Mack final admits that he needs help in Ros na Rún.

Bobbi Lee’s plan to keep Crystal offside backfires when Tadhg discovers she was the  reason the health inspector paid them a visit.

Vera is angry that Caitríona is staying in Berni’s aparttment while she is away, but pretending to everyone else that she is homeless.

Mack admits he has a problem and looks for help. Will someone finally knock some sense into him? 

John Joe is doing all he can to make amends with Manus but in doing so causes  himself an injury. Will this attract some sympathy from his son?

Malachaí, jealous of the time Sadie spends painting, tries to knock her confidence and has her questioning her work. 

Subterfuge, deception, and sometimes brutal honesty are what make life in Ros na Rún in a double feature omnibus on TG4 this Sunday.