Berni gets some very unwelcome news in Ros na Rún

Galway Daily television Berni gets some very unwelcome news in Ros na Rún

Berni is in a bad way when Briain seeks a paternity test, Sonny gets an unwelcome call, and Vanessa may be holding a torch in Ros na Rún.

Sonny despairs when another item of significance is found on the development site. What could potentially put a dent in his plans?

Vanessa hates clothes shopping, but goes along happily when Vince asks her to help him buy a suit. More proof that she’s holding a torch?

Niall’s book launch is today and he is hoping it will be a success. But with Bobbi Lee at the helm will all go to plan?

For her part, Bobbi Lee is happy she can fit in her wedding dress, but has bigger problems with the shake in her hands from the pills.

Berni is hit with the double worries of the impending birth, and Briain seeking a paternity test of her child. Good thing there’s nothing else around the corner.

Catch up on all the latest in Ros na Rún this week with a double feature omnibus on TG4 this Sunday.