Life changing medical news, a secret at risk, and a dangerous promise on Ros na Rún

Galway Daily arts & culture Ros na Rún episode 29

Laoise gets alarming medical news, Nathan worries that Jude will reveal his identity, and Caitríona makes a dangerous promise on Ros na Rún.

This week on Ros na Rún, Laoise is floored when her medical condition is diagnosed. Though it’s not life threatening, it comes with a life changing dilemma.

Nathan tags along when Sorcha goes to visit Jude. But having visited her before himself, Nathan worries that she will recognise him.

Will Jude suss out his true identity? And if she does, will she out him to Sorcha?

Meanwhile, just as Caitríona is all set for her photoshoot, Maeve says that she won’t do it to Caitríona’s horror.

In desperation she promises to give Maeve anything she wants to go ahead with it. But will Caitríona come to regret this hasty promise.

Catch all the drama this Tuesday on TG4 at 8:30pm, with more to follow these revelations on Thursday.