Legends collide onstage in Doctor Frankenfaust

Galway Daily arts & culture Dr Frankenfaust at Galway Arts Centre

The twisted tale of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster and the warning parable of Faust both loom large over fiction to this day, and Doctor Frankenfaust is the latest to pay homage to these classics.

Put Frankenstein and Faust together and you get… FRANKENFAUST, coming to Nun’s Island Theatre at the end of this month.

The stark metaphors that are still relevant to the scientific and technological dilemmas we face today, and the less overtly applicable warning against turning to magic in order to gain infinite knowledge, have both inspired many tales.

This satirical stage play takes its inspiration from such high camp Gothic as James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein and old Hammer Horror films.

Creators Tommy Baker and Brendan Murphy explore the themes of modern political occultism, chaos magic and conspiracy theories.

“Consensus reality is falling apart … The world is ruled by Black Magic, psychopathic Satanists … There is a global agenda to enslave the psyche of the whole human race … Or is it all in the mind of Dr. Kevin Frankenfaust?”

“He has built a machine that can summon a host of demons, but as our tech-illogical world becomes increasingly bombarded with ‘facts’ … we have to ask … which ones are real?”

Galway Arts Centre presents this light-hearted, dystopian nightmare for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

Catch a sneak preview of the show here if you dare.

Doctor Frankenfaust will be performed at Nun’s Island Theatre on October 31 and November 1 at 8pm.

The show is 1 hour and 15 minutes long with a 15 minute interval. Tickets cost €12 each, but capacity is limited.