Does the new year herald new beginnings in Ros na Rún?


A new year has come to Ros na Rún, but is it bringing a fresh start or will old issues continue to tear at the village’s inhabitants?

Sorcha is shocked to discover the money she has saved for Cóilí Jackie is missing. What will Sorcha do?

Maeve, tired of Caitríona sharing everything online, hides her phone. Will this put an end to Caitríona’s Vlogging?

Bobbi Lee and Niall panic when Berni arrives back from France earlier than expected. Will Berni discover what they have been up to while she was away?

Dee and Katy come to an agreement. What have they decided to do?

Find out all this and more in the first episode of Ros na Rún of 2020 tonight on TG4 at 8:30pm.