Coronavirus: “significant contraction” of Galway 2020 programme

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The programme of events for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture will undergo a “significant contraction” in response to the coronavirus pandemic

The board of Galway 2020 held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss how they can respond and move forward during the ongoing Covid-19 public health crisis.

“In light of the extraordinary challenges we are facing and the unknown timeline as a result of this ongoing public health emergency, the board of Galway 2020 today decided that a significant contraction of the programme is necessary,” a statement released afterwards said.

“Decisions, which will be taken in the very near future, will be consistent with Government policy and will be in the best interest of the health of the public, our team, cultural partners and our volunteers.”

More detailed information about what this will mean for the events meant to take place in the coming weeks and months is expected to be released in the days ahead.

In its statement the board thanked their team and all of the cultural partners involved in the Capital of Culture project for their work so far.

The public arts events and shows which were to showcase the best artists and craftspeople in Galway and beyond this year have been heavily affected by the ban on mass gatherings put in place to limit the spread of Covid 19.

A number of events which were meant to take place in March have already been cancelled including events planned with partners at NUIG, local schools, the Saolta Arts Trust, and many more.

One stunning project for the Capital of Culture was able to be salvaged was Savage Beauty, a fantastic show which painted the hills of Connemara with light.

Though the public showing for Savage Beauty was not able to proceed, a special version of the project was made available online for people to appreciate from their homes.