Weekend Weather: Cool and cloudy follow up to our mini summer

Galway Daily weather Falling temperatures and weekend rain mark weather for rest of the week

Galway’s weather this weekend won’t match up the beautiful conditions seen in our recent mini summer, with cloudy skies and lower temperatures.

The weather will continue to be mostly good today, with sunny spells expected despite clouds moving in.

Widespread showers have been forecast by Met Eireann for later today, but the amount of rain itself is not expected to be high.

Highest temperatures will reach 13 degrees in the early afternoon, warmest in coastal areas, with a moderate northwesterly wind throughout the day.

Heading into tonight Met Eireann is predicting that temperatures will drop to 6 – 7 degrees, but the weather will stay mostly dry in Galway.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with some patchy spells of sunshine in the evening and a few scattered showers.

Highest temperatures will reach 12 to 13 degrees in the mid afternoon, with moderate northwesterly winds throughout the day.

Overnight winds will slack off headed into Sunday, but the persistent clouds won’t be following suit.

Expect overcast conditions throughout Sunday, with a chance of some sun in the early afternoon in coastal areas.

Temperatures will pick up slightly despite the lack of sun to reach highs of 13 to 15 degrees.

Next week is expected to get off to an uneven start, with overcast conditions persisting into Monday, but temperatures are forecast to pick up again later in the week.