Weather forecast: temperatures near 0C expected with rain coming

Galway Daily weather Falling temperatures and weekend rain mark weather for rest of the week

The weather forecast for the coming week shows the summer temperatures we’ve been enjoying dropping somewhat, with rain to come later this week.

After temperatures soared over the weekend, the coming weather forecast shows that summer preview slacking off this week, and headed into the bank holiday weekend.

Temperatures will drop almost to freezing level overnight tonight, with lows of 1C expected in the early hours Tuesday morning.

Isolated showers of rain are also expected tonight, with patches of mist and fog in places and the possibility of some grass frost.

But Met Eireann says expects that conditions will pick up again later in the day, with temperatures reaching highs of 11 to 13 degrees in the evening.

A mostly cool and bright day, with some cloudy conditions in the morning, clearing that afternoon, and scattered showers developing in the evening.

The heaviest rain forecast for this week is expected on Wednesday, spiking in the early afternoon, but with scattered showers continuing through the evening.

Moderate southeasterly winds in the morning will turn light and variable later in the day, with lowest temperatures of 5 to 6 degrees, lowest inland.

Scattered showers and cloudy conditions will persist into Wednesday night and early Thursday with temperatures dropping down again, reaching 4 to 5 degrees.

Some sun is expected to bring the temperature back up to highs of 13 degrees on Thursday evening, but cloud and scattered showers will persist.

Conditions on the Bank Holiday weekend are currently forecast to swing between periods of overcast sunshine and moderate showers of rain, strongest on Saturday night and Sunday morning.