Heavy rain and thunder to follow stunning sunshine

Galway Daily weather Mixed bag for Easter weekend weather as sunny start gives way to rain

Galway enjoyed some of the highest temperatures in Ireland yesterday, but the weather is expected to take a sharp turn for the worse today.

From 4 to 5 in the afternoon on Tuesday, the Athenry weather station recorded 27 degree temps, summer sun only exceeded on the south coast and in parts of the midlands.

The highest temperatures in the country seen yesterday were at Valentia, where a shocking 27.9 degrees in the early afternoon.

Unfortunately the weather for Galway is expected to take a turn today according to Met Eireann, with early overcast skies and sunny spells giving way to heavy rain.

Patches of light rain in the morning will get heavier as the evening progresses, with thunder and lightning forecast for tonight.

Temperatures today will reach highs of 22 degrees in the mid afternoon, with a light to moderate variable wind throughout the day.

Heading into Thursday things don’t look much better, with heavy rain in the early hours gradually getting lighter as the day persists.

There will be some patches of sun from behind the clouds tomorrow also, and there will also be a risk of mist or fog in coastal areas.