Galway Weather: Sun and rain ahead in unsettled week

Galway Daily weather Falling temperatures and weekend rain mark weather for rest of the week

This week will be a mixed bag weather wise, with extended patches of rain, heavy at times, but also long stretches of relative sunshine to look forward to.

The week will get off to a wet start on Monday, with persistent heavy rain and a stiff southern wind throughout the day. Highest temperatures today of 12 to 14 degrees.

Showers will die down headed into Monday night, with temperatures falling to lows of 10 degrees overnight.

Tuesday will also see scattered showers and a cloudy start to the day, but there are some sunny spells to be mixed in there as well.

A moderate south-westerly wind is forecast for Tuesday according to Met Eireann, with highest temperatures of 12 to 14 degrees once again.

Weather will start off wet and cloudy on Wednesday, but give way to solid sunshine and fairly clear skies by mid morning.

A moderate south-westerly wind in the morning will veer westerly and lose some of its strength as the day progresses.

Temperatures on Wednesday will be in the range of 10 to 14 degrees over the day.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy skies, with some scattered sunshine and showers in places. More rain is forecast in coastal areas.

A light westerly wind will turn moderate in strength as the evening progresses. Highest temperatures of 11 to 13 degrees.

Friday will be the start of an unsettled weekend, with scattered rain and some sunny spells throughout.

Rain will be worse in coastal areas, with more overcast, but dry conditions inland.