Galway GAA legends on-call for people suffering from isolation


After the first lockdown last April, a number of legendary figures in Galway GAA took park in a unique initiative to help vulnerable people deal with their isolation with their gift of the gab.

With Ireland in Level 5 lockdown once again, which will now continue to early March at least, multiple Galway GAA stars are once again making themselves available for a chat with fans living alone over the phone.

Brendan Mulry of Irish Rural Link is managing the initiative again in association with Galway GAA, Paul Byrnes Media and support from the ‘Keep Well’ Resilience Campaign.

The sports stars taking part in the initiative include 3-time All-Ireland winning manager Cyril Farrell, 3-time All-Ireland winner Noel Lane and Joe Connolly who captained Galway to All-Ireland success in 1980 as well as All-Star footballer John Tobin.

“We are very lucky to have the likes of Cyril, Joe, John and Noel all on board for this project. They are all legends of the game and are very kindly giving up their time to help,” said Paul.

If you would like to receive a call from one of our legends or would like to arrange a call on behalf of a family member or friend just contact Brendan on 087 2194243 or who will arrange the calls over the coming weeks.

Btendan Mulry said; “While there aren’t any firm rules, the focus is really on those fans who maybe need this most.

“Think of a parent or grandparent who is at home alone and would love to chat all things GAA with one of our legends.”

Pat Kearney, Chairperson of Galway GAA said that this initiative was a great success last year, helping many people “stuck at home” cocooning.

“It’s still a very difficult time for everybody so projects like this really help in these uncertain times.”