Letter | Whole community must stand against far-right aggression

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Dear Editor,

The actions of the far-right in Dublin this past weekend must be condemned by every community.

A makeshift camp sheltering dozens of asylum seekers was sought out and targeted by far-right and fascist adjacent reactionaries. This followed a long face-off between anti-racist, anti-fascist groups and the far-right, separated by a wall of Gardaí.

Thankfully this aggression did not lead to any deaths however, I fear it may be sooner rather than later that one, or more, may occur.

This follows a number of activities over the past weeks and months where the far-right have been establishing themselves, garnering new support, and confidence in a lack of consequences regarding their actions.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, the attacks in Dublin, the disruption of library services, protests outside TDs homes and the disruption of a public meeting due to attendees fearing for their wellbeing.

Make no mistake, this is an accurate mirroring of the actions of the Nazi’s throughout the 1930s before their grip on power.

With their vilification of LGBTQ+ people, of asylum seekers and refugees, of leftists in Ireland, the people need to unite to defeat this resurgence of fascism.

Whilst hate may walk among us, it is our duty to ensure it can never spread.

Is mise le meas,
Criodán Ó Murchú
Peterswell, Co. Galway