Letter | “The buck stops with the Government to make amends for their wrongs  of the past”

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Dear Editor,

Sebastian Barry’s fictional novel ‘The Secret Scripture’ , based on a true story was clearly a case in point  of who were the pillar of society monsters that conspired to lock up people in mental institutions who were perhaps more sane than their prepatators, the Clergy included, to get them out of the way, using  inheritance issues such as land and other reasons to keep the status quo.

His story is one, that mirrors the tragic’ mother and baby’ stories that nearly every extended  family in Ireland could relate to.The clergy using the holier than thou, high moral ground and  brainwash  to get rid of  families ‘inconvenience’ or ‘case’ whatever you want an to call it.

Deputy Catherine Connelly and Richard Boyd Barret are correct in saying that the report is a whitewash, priests and nuns who were the bulk of these’ pillars’ were acting out as Dr Jenkyll and Mister Hyde characters within the confines of these Institutions. They came and took the victims  in medieval like fashion, to keep control of a changing society.

The buck stops with the Government now to make amends for their wrongs  of the past.

Ian Hester, Co. Roscommon