Letter | Don’t throw Debenhams workers under the bus this Christmas

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The Debenhams industrial dispute has been going on for almost eight months now, and the workers have been completely abandoned by their ex-employers and the government. The demand of the workers is clear- an additional two weeks of redundancy pay per year served, as was agreed with the company in 2016. Debenhams have tried to run away from this agreement by claiming insolvency in Ireland, despite the fact that their Irish website has continued to trade.
As well as this, they have recently launched their Christmas marketing campaign. I would implore anybody and everybody to boycott Debenhams online this year. In the same way as if the physical shop was open, shopping on the Debenhams online is crossing a picket line and undermines all the hard work and sacrifice the workers have put in these past months.
It is important to remember as well that these workers aren’t just fighting for themselves, but for all workers. We’re heading into a very uncertain times, with the threats of the pandemic and coming financial crises, and so it’s entirely possible that anybody’s workplace could be the next to be under threat.
This highlights how important solidarity amongst the working class is, and how important it is to stand with the Debenhams workers during such a challenging period. We need to set a strong precedent that workers’ rights aren’t for being walked all over, and that any attempt to do so will be met with fierce resistance.
Don’t throw the workers under the bus, boycott Debenhams online and support the strike!
Cian Mortimer,
People Before Profit