Yet another yacht rescued off the coast of Galway

Yet another yacht rescued off the coast of Galway by RNLI lifeboat

Yet another yacht in trouble off the coast of Galway was rescued by the RNLI this week, after the Aran Islands lifeboat came to the aid of a boat on Friday.

The Aran Islands all weather lifeboat was called out shortly after 9am on Friday at the request of the Coast Guard.

They had received reports of a 42ft yacht with five people aboard in trouble 20 miles to the west of Earrach Island, northwest of Kilronan harbour.

The yacht had gotten into difficulty when a rope became tangled in their propeller.

The all-weather Severn class lifeboat launched under Coxswain John O’Donnell and a full crew and headed straight for the yacht.

Weather conditions at the time of launching were good with calm seas and good visibility.

Once on scene, the volunteer crew, following all strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, assessed all aboard the yacht were not in need of any medical attention and a tow line was established between the lifeboat and the yacht.

The lifeboat then proceeded to tow the yacht safely back to Kilronan Harbour.

“The crew members responded to the call out quickly and were able to get to the yacht before it drifted any further and were able to tow her safely into Kilronan Harbour.”

“The crew train regularly to respond to a call out as quick as possible,” said Coxswain John O’Donnell

“As the good weather and summer holidays continue, we encourage everyone to always respect the water.”

“Always wear a lifejacket, always carry a means of communication and make sure everyone knows how to use it. Make sure someone on the shore knows where you are going and when you are due back.”


image credit: RNLI/Aran Islands