Irish Water building new water storage tank for east Galway

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Planning approval has been granted for a water storage tank in Slieveroe to improve the local water infrastructure in east Galway.

The development will consist of a new treated water storage tank, along with a weather proof enclosure to house the booster pumps and control panel.

A separate enclosure will be used to house the generator, fuel storage and integral bund.

The new water storage tank will have a capacity of 1,020m³ for the residents of the Kilkerrin-Moylough Water Supply Zone.

Irish Water have said that the new water storage tank is needed to handle the water requirements of 1,932 people in the WSZ.

There is an existing water tower with a capacity of 318m³ which is capable of supplying six hours worth of water to the area and is currently operating at max capacity.

“The volume of existing water storage is not considered sufficient to secure water supply in the event of any temporary loss of supply from the water treatment plant or source,” planning documents stated.

The population of this area is expected to grow by 10 percent in the next seven years, and securing 24 hours of water storage is considered a priority in order to meet demand.

In January the council requested more information about the landscaping proposals to reduce the visual impact of the tank and the proposed elevation of the water proof enclosure.

These details were submitted to the council in a report from Nicholas O’Dwyer Planning Consultant.

Should any archaeological artifacts be found during construction Irish water will required to secure the area and arrange for an archaeologist to record and assess the site.

In total Galway county council granted planning permission to Irish Water with a total of eight conditions attached.