Visiting restrictions imposed at Portiuncula Hospital due to infection outbreak

Galway Daily news Portiuncula Hospital restricting visitation amid Flu & COVID outbreaks

Visiting restrictions have been imposed at Portiuncula Hospital due to an outbreak of respiratory illness in one of the wards.

Visits to patients at St Francis’ Ward in the hospital are being allowed on compassionate grounds only due to the outbreak.

Anyone seeking to visit someone on the ward should contact the ward manager in advance.

James Keane, Hospital Manager said, “We understand that limiting visits is not easy for patients and their families. However, we these measures are being taken in order to protect our patients, many of whom are already very ill.”

“It’s important that we remain vigilant in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, flu and other infections in our hospital and we are appealing to the public to help us.”

Portiuncula Hospital has also urged members of the public not to visit the hospital if they have any symptoms of flu or COVID-19, or feel unwell, or if they have had contact with individuals with flu or COVID-19.

The hospital has appealed to families and loved ones to play their part in helping to prevent the spread of infections to vulnerable patients.

Overall, visitors are being restricted to two per day, within visiting hours only.

We are asking families and loved ones for their cooperation in this regard,” James Keane said. “I would also like to remind visitors that visiting hours are strictly 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm in the main wards.”

He concluded by saying that visitors should also help protect vulnerable patients by complying with infection control precautions, such as cleaning their ands regularly and wearing a mask at all times while in the hospital.