Unemployment in Galway climbs again in July but only among women

Galway Daily news Unemployment continues downward trend in April

The number of people on the Live Register in Galway went up again this month, but only for women.

There were 12,489 people on the Live Register in Galway in July according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office, 418 more than in June.

However, the increase in unemployment was only present for women.

The Live Register added 427 women in July for a total of 5,935, which is 450 more than were on the register in January.

While according to the data the number of men on the Live Register actually declined slightly by nine people compared with June, and is down by 481 people since January.

Overall there’s been a marked decline in unemployment for both genders compared with this time last year.

The number of people on the live register in Galway has dropped by 1,821 people compared with July 2017, over 12%.

Of that, 1,166 men came off the register and 655 women.

In Galway city there were 6,312 people on the Live Register in July, up 199 from June.

In Tuam it’s 1,818 people, an increase 55 from the previous month.

The next highest location was Loughrea where there were 1,393 people on the live register in July, 84 more than June.

1,379 people were unemployed in Ballinasloe, up 63 compared with June.

And in Gort, July saw 899 people on the live register, adding 26 people since June.

However there was one success story. Clifden saw nine people come off the register in July, leaving 688 people unemployed.

The Live Register provides a monthly tally of people registering for Jobseekers Benefit, Jobseekers Allowance, or other benefits at their local Department of Social Protection office.

Of the people who came onto the Live Register in July the vast majority, 404, were over 25 year old, with only a small number of younger people registering.

It has limitations as a tool to measure unemployment as it includes seasonal and casual workers who may only have a small number of hours a week.