Unemployment continues to fall in April

Galway Daily news Unemployment continues downward trend in April

The number of people in unemployment continued to fall in Galway last month according to the latest figures from the CSO.

There were 10,244 people in Galway on the Live Register in April according to the Central Statistics Office as unemployment kept on a five month downward trend.

In Galway city 51 people came off the Live Register last month leaving 5,021 unemployed.

There are 1,594 people unemployed in Tuam, down from 1,546 in March. While in Loughrea the number of people on the register declined by 31 to 1,097.

Ballinasloe and Gort were the only two areas in Galway that saw an increase in unemployment with 6 and 11 people respectively coming onto the register in each area.

And lastly 51 people came off the Live Register in Clifden last month with 659 remaining.

However, there was a strong disparity between the figures for men and women, with all of the gains in employment recorded in men last month.

114 men came off the Live Register last month. But after seeing a sharp drop in unemployment among women of almost 200 from February to March the number of women on the register spiked by 49 people last month.

The Live Register keeps an estimate of unemployment levels around the country be tallying up the number of people receiving certain unemployment benefits.

It’s made up of people who are receiving Jobseekers Benefits or Jobseekers Allowance, or part-time workers who qualify for either of those payments. The register also includes people signing on for PRSI credits but who don’t receive any payment.