Under funded roads are driving business away from the west says Rabbitte

Galway daily news Lack of investment in roads is harming business opportunities in the west says Rabbitte

Serious under funding of roads in the west of Ireland is hampering business in the region according to MEP candidate for the Midlands-North West region Anne Rabbitte.

The Fianna Fáil TD said that there is a serious shortfall in the west between what is needed to maintain the roads network and what is actually being invested in the region.

“It is imperative funding is increased not only to maintain our roads but to improve them,” Deputy Rabbitte said.

“The European Commission has highlighted regional imbalance in Ireland and said one reason for this is a lack of investment on infrastructure, including the road network.”

There is a 36% shortfall in Galway in the necessary investment in roads maintenance and improvements Anne Rabbitte said.

“In Galway there is a 36% shortfall, Mayo also 36%, Roscommon 24% and there is a shortfall in Sligo as well.”

This lack of investment in basic infrastructure is proving harmful to the economy in the western region Deputy Rabbitte said, hampering investment and driving people elsewhere.

“The western region is neglected time and again. The region is losing its best due to a lack of investment.”

She concluded by saying that the warning of the European Commission should be taken to heart “to ensure success in the west”.