Two Galway names on latest tax defaulters list

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Two Galway names were included on the latest list of tax defaulters who came to a settlement with the Revenue in the first three months of this year.

In the latest list published by the Revenue, 35 settlements by tax defaulters worth a combined total of €6,024,932 were agreed between January 1 and March 31 of 2020.

The larger of the two settlements in Galway was from Thomas Holland, a dental technician in the city, who paid €311,610 to the Revenue.

This was over the non-declaration of income tax and the under declaration of PAYE/PRSI/USC amounting to €155,768 in tax, which combined with €109,112 in interest and €46,730 in penalties.

As of March 31, the entire sum in the settlement remained unpaid

The second settlement in Galway was by a Vincent Costello, an agricultural consultant from New Inn, Ballinasloe, who settled for €95,246.62 for the under declaration of income tax and PAYE/PRSI/USC.

This included €50,482.66 in unpaid tax, along with €29,619.16 in accrued interest, and penalties totalling €15,144.80.

The single largest settlement made in the first quarter of this year was by Michelle Forde, a Carer from Raheny, Dublin 5.

She settled with the revenue for a whopping €1,063,366.76 for the non-declaration of Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax totalling €375,346.74.

The settlement included interest of €431,506.74 and penalties totalling €281,513.28.

Of the 35 settlements agreed by the Revenue in the first three months of the year, 12 still had not been fully paid by March 31.

The total value of the unpaid debt came to €3,181,997.